We've Moved!

After several years hosting my blog on Wordpress.com, I decided that I didn’t want to pay the A$120/year renewal fee just for the privilege of hosting blog at my own domain name (which I already own), especially since I’ve already started paying for US$5/month for a Digital Ocean droplet to host a couple of other things.

So my blog has moved from WordPress to Hugo. It’s not currently super pretty because I didn’t spend much time on the themeing, but it is functional, and all my content is still here, and I don’t think I’ve broken any old links or made any significant URL changes.

One change that was unavoidable is the URL of the RSS feed. I am pretty confident I’ve been able to make the old RSS address work for now, but it required some dancing, so if anybody is interested in my blog enough to use RSS to access it, I recommend grabbing the new RSS URL for all posts from that link or the one in the top corner of the site, or having your browser dig into the web page source to find the appropriate RSS links to various categories etc.

Goodbye, WordPress; you were useful for several years, but I’m movin’ on!