Résumé of Matthew Cengia

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Skills Summary

  • Linux systems administration
  • Web development
  • Information security
  • Project management
  • Software release management
  • Event planning
  • Public speaking
  • Community management
  • Youth work
  • Frontline management

Employment History

February 2017 – October 2017: Support Engineer at FastMail

During my time at FastMail I was the sole third-level customer support provider. I accepted customer support requests from second-level support, and dealt with the ones I could, while liaising with the developers and engineers on more complex issues.

This involved debugging issues with CalDAV, CardDAV, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, FastMail’s web interface, and other parts of FastMail’s systems.

Production access to FastMail’s Debian-based servers meant that I was able to search log files for diagnostic information, restore backups, enable and search through telemetry for network transactions, and perform various other user admin tasks.

I additionally helped document FastMail’s employee on-boarding process, and recorded how their systems were connected and how they operated together. This facilitated new employees being able to dive in and try to solve problems independently without necessarily needing to request assistance at the first hurdle.

July 2016: Systems Administrator and Teacher at Invent The World

Invent The World’s after-school and school holiday programs teach children (aged 5 and up) online empathy, creative problem solving, team work, keyboard and mouse motor skills, physics, and other skills using computer games like Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, and Factorio. They also teach programming with MIT Scratch then use Python to interact with Minecraft Pi.

I taught school holiday programs and assist with Linux systems administration tasks as needed, both on a casual basis.

July 2008 – February 2016: Senior Systems Engineer at Cyber IT Solutions

Cyber IT are a computer consulting company that do IT support for small businesses and develop and deploy PrisonPC, a Linux-based Secure Prisoner Interactive Learning System (SPILS), which puts computers in prisons for inmates to use.

I did the following:

  • developed, deployed, and maintained PrisonPC
  • administered various small business servers, including:
    • configuring web servers
    • email hosting
    • file and print sharing
    • backup solutions
    • hardware deployment
    • ongoing system maintenence and monitoring

July 2009 – October 2009: Tutor at RMIT University Melbourne

I was a tutor of Web Programming, teaching students basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Volunteer History

April 2018 – current: Deputy Chair for GovHack Australia

GovHack Australia is an annual hackathon which included over 2000 participants in 41 sites across Australia and New Zealand in 2016.

This role involves coordinating and driving the direction for all sites, and managing national events like the Red Carpet Awards, as well as dealing with sponsors and government departments on a national level.

March 2016 – current: Melbourne site team lead for GovHack Australia

GovHack Australia is an annual hackathon which included over 2000 participants in 41 sites across Australia and New Zealand in 2016.

I am in charge of the Melbourne site of over 100 participants. This includes:

  • organising venue hire
  • catering
  • budgeting
  • helping to organise sponsorship
  • liaising with the local, state and national teams and governments
  • coordinating a team of volunteers for the entire weekend

Mid-2016: Trainer at OpenTechSchools Melbourne

OpenTechSchools is an organisation that offers free course material and workshops on topics like programming, web development, and other software tools.

I assisted in organising and facilitating these workshops, and being on hand to offer instruction and advice to participants.

Late-2014: Mentor for ICT in Schools

ICT in Schools is part of CSIRO’s Scientists, Mathematicians, and ICT in schools program. This is a program to match industry professionals with school teachers and coordinators to teach real-world science, maths, and ICT to students.

I was paired with a school in which I helped to introduce a couple of educational programming tools, such as MIT Scratch, and Raspberry Pi, to a school. I worked directly with students to facilitate their understanding.

October 2014 – August 2017: Ambassador/Board member for Open Knowledge Australia

Open Knowledge Australia, a chapter of Open Knowledge International, is an organisation involved with all things open, and which deal with openness and transparency in all of its forms, including:

  • Open source software
  • Open hardware
  • Open data
  • Open science
  • Open research
  • Open maps
  • Open government
  • Open communities

I have helped Open Knowledge Melbourne run ongoing weekly meetups since I became involved, and have also helped out with many other larger events, such as the aforementioned GovHack, and HealtHack, another hackathon which is run by Open Knowledge.

These meetups involve coordinating venue availability, some catering, organising speakers, and giving presentations on ideas, concepts, or tools useful in furthering openness.

I also ran a full-day Open Knowledge Australia mini-conference at Linux.conf.au 2016, which involved reaching out to potential speakers, and then curating the best talks to put into the program.

July 2008 – Current: Scout leader for Scouts Victoria

In the time I’ve been a scout leader, I have supervised and mentored youth (11-15-year-old scouts), and become a mentor and trainer for new scout leaders.

This has included many overnight camps, hikes, and other activities, for which I’ve had to manage risk, and help the scouts plan catering, equipment, and other logistics. I’ve attended 3 Australian Scout Jamborees, which are 10-day camps during which I was responsible for about 36 of the approximately 9000 youth on site.

I took a leading role in the 2014 State Youth Forum for Scouts Victoria, facilitating young adults in explaining what they’d like to see from Scouting.

Further, I was the chief facilitator for the same forum in August 2015, where I had to coordinate a full team of facilitators to do the above.

Academic History

2008 – 2010: Bachelor of Computer Science (RMIT)

2006 – 2007: Advanced Diploma of Computer Science (RMIT)

2015: Certificate IV, Frontline management (Scouts Australia Institute of Training)

Other skills and experience

  • Open source software contributions

  • Attendance and public speaking at several Linux and Open Source conferences, including organising presentations and mini-conferences:

  • Extensive experience with Ubuntu and Debian, and moderate experience with Redhat

    At Cyber IT, I was required to be proficient with many Linux variants, depending on what each client preferred to use. I am competent in installation, customization, and administration of Debian-based and Redhat-based systems.

  • Experience with the following languages, from most to least experienced:

    1. Bash/Bourne
    2. Python
    3. HTML
    4. C/C++
    5. PHP
    6. JavaScript
    7. CSS
    8. Java
    9. Perl
  • Experience with (among others) the following Linux server software:

    • Apache
    • dnsmasq
    • Git
    • iptables
    • LVM
    • mdadm
    • MySQL
    • NFS
    • OpenLDAP
    • Postfix
    • Samba
    • Squid
    • SSH
    • Subversion